Steel Cable Home Gym Workouts: Bells Of Steel Benefits


Are you tired of the same monotonous gym workouts and looking for new ways to challenge yourself? Steel cable home gym workouts are a great option to add variety to your workout routine.

Bells Of Steel offers an innovative Plate Loaded Cable Tower that provides hundreds of exercises with adjustable pulleys and weight stacks. This blog post will discuss the advantages of steel cable home gym workouts, its benefits and features, user reviews, and more. All are tailored for optimal results in your fitness journey.

So stay tuned as we explore these leading benefits!

Key Takeaways

  • Steel cable home gym workouts, such as the Bells Of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower offer hundreds of exercises for targeting different muscle groups and provide good cardio performance.
  • The Plate Loaded Cable Tower comes with an optional back operation feature that provides extra stability while exercising.
  • Attachable accessories like workout handles, ankle/wrist straps, or dip bars can increase the variety and versatility of your workout routine.
  • With its durable construction, adjustable weights, space efficiency and full-range motion capabilities, homeowners can work every single muscle group in their body when using the Bells of Steel’s plate-loaded cable tower.

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Benefits of Steel Cable Home Gym Workouts

A fully equipped home gym with a Plate Loaded Cable Tower and various fitness equipment. An image showcasing the convenience and versatility of a comprehensive home workout space.
Fitness at your fingertips: A fully equipped home gym, including a Plate Loaded Cable Tower for versatile workouts. 🏡🏋️‍♂️ #HomeFitness #GymGoals

With a Plate Loaded Cable Tower, you can enjoy hundreds of exercises with increased variety and versatility in your workout routine.

Hundreds of exercises with Plate Loaded Cable Tower

The Plate Loaded Cable Tower is one of the most versatile and cost-efficient pieces of equipment in any home gym. It can provide a wealth of exercises for many different muscle groups, from shoulders to legs and back.

This tower offers exercises that range from simple single cable movements. These include lat pulldowns, standing rows, cable curls or flies. All the way up to more complex combinations such as hip thrusts with overhead pulls or squats with bicep curls.

With pulleys rated at 250 pounds and an array of attachments available (including triceps press downs bars, close grip handles rope bars, etc.), users have almost endless possibilities when it comes to designing exciting workouts. These work several muscles simultaneously while also providing good cardio performance.

Mounting and Safety: Why It Matters

When setting up a home gym with steel cable workouts, it is essential to pay attention to mounting and safety. Proper installation and secure fastening of the Manticore Power Rack are key for an optimal performing workout station as well as user safety.

This factor should be taken into consideration when taking measurements of the available space. Further, ensuring that there are obstructions in front or behind it will allow free and safe motion during exercises.

It is also important to check where you plan on mounting the rack. Underneath beams or low-hanging ceilings can jeopardize movements around the equipment. Not to mention potential damage caused by misalignment of parts forming part of your overhead structure.

Alongside proper mounting, keeping a check on nuts and bolts’ stability over time is recommended for continued use. This can prevent accidents or unexpected failures during exercise routines. Taking all these preventive steps makes way for a safer setup with full security. Moreover, it allows you to maximize workout outcomes in addition to benefiting from the increased versatility offered by many Manticore power racks models (e.g. Weight Stack vs 1000 LB Functional Trainer).

Optional Back Operate for Added Stability

The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower offers an optional back-operate feature for added support and stability. This patented design allows users to hold the cable in place with their natural strength while stronger muscles can be targeted during exercise.

The ability to grip and hold the frame firmly after each rep on exercises such as rows, chest presses, rear delt raises, curls, tricep extensions, etc., supports strong form. This is done by reducing strain on smaller muscle groups that are not meant to take force from high loads.

In addition, this feature helps prevent accidents and injuries caused by slip or jerky movements with heavier weights. Moreover, athletes involved in sports that require strength training such as football or basketball gain a great deal of benefit from this simple yet powerful accessory. This is due to its ability to keep them grounded when pushing against heavy resistance.

Endless Possibilities with Attachments

The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower gives home gym owners endless possibilities when it comes to exercise. Not only can you use the cable machine in countless different ways just on its own, but the addition of various attachments offers even more opportunities for adding variety and creativity to your workout.

Popular attachments for workout bikes include workout handles, ankle/wrist straps, door mounts, USB chargers, mobile phone stands, and dip bars. Thus, allowing for targeted muscle group exercises.

The door mount is great for those looking for extra stabilization while working out. It is fitted securely over any standard internal door frame without risk of damage or other safety concerns.

Increased variety and versatility in workout routine

Steel cable home gym workouts provide an incredible amount of variety and versatility when it comes to working out at home. Cable machines are a popular choice as they allow you to perform low-intensity mobility drills as well as high-intensity strength exercises with varying levels of resistance.

With a simple plate-loaded system, such as the Bells Of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower, homeowners can work every single muscle group in their body from the comfort of their own home.

The range of exercisable possibilities afforded by such equipment is practically endless. You can do standing rows, lat pulldowns, cable curls and flies, crunches lunge presses and beyond. All with adjustable weights that let you set your desired level of intensity each time you use it.

How the Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower Enhance Home Gym Workouts?

The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower showcased in a modern home gym, surrounded by various fitness equipment and active individuals. A glimpse into a vibrant and inclusive home workout space.
Elevate your home workout: The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower takes center stage in this modern home gym filled with energy and diverse fitness enthusiasts. 🏡🏋️‍♀️ #HomeFitness #ModernGymVibes

Learn how to incorporate innovative design, custom attachments, and superior construction into your home gym workouts with the Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower.

Plate Loaded vs. Cable Stack Tower: What’s the Difference?

The plate-loaded cable tower is the classic version of the home gym strength training equipment. It requires manual loading of weight plates for resistance and typically costs less than a cable stack tower.

This type of machine allows you to add as much or as little resistance as you need for your workout. Moreover, it’s also convenient in that it doesn’t take up too much space in your home.

However, if you desire more advanced options such as having squats and pulls along with presses and curls then a Stack Tower might be exactly what you are looking for! With its built-in weight plates, space efficiency and full-range motion capabilities this has become one of the most popular pieces on the market today.

Innovative design and construction for durable performance

The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower is built using quality materials for reliable, lasting performance. Constructed with 2.3” by 2.3” (60mm by 60mm) tubing, the cable tower features 8.25” loadable sleeves that have been expertly engineered to withstand repeated use without wear and tear or mechanical stress. This is perfect for heavy-duty strength training at home.

The unique design also allows users to easily adjust weight plates on the tower conveniently and safely without having to move them onto separate machines or frames as seen in a standard cable stack gym set-up.

Furthermore, its rubber feet ensure stability during workouts while significantly reducing sound generated from vibrations. Thus, making it ideal for home gyms where noise levels need to be kept low!

Easy assembly and installation

The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower comes with easy assembly and installation for home gym fitness shoppers. Its intuitive design allows the user to easily set up their own personal home gym in a short amount of time. Users can benefit from its durable construction that ensures maximum stability and safety during workouts.

  1. Unpack all included accessories, carefully organizing them according to instruction manual directions before assembling the product.
  2. Identify all pieces of hardware necessary for setup. For instance, screws, bolts, nuts, and washers must be ensured that each component is properly labeled and organized for ease of use later on during the assembly process.

Features and Specifications of the Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower

With two different models available, Weight Stack and Functional Trainer, the Bells of Steel Cable Tower offers a variety of features to suit your fitness needs. This includes optional attachments and different dimensions to fit any room in your home and high weight capacity.

Different models available (Weight Stack vs. Functional Trainer)

The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower offers two types of models: the Weight Stack model and the Functional Trainer model. The Cord Tower with Weight Stack allows for up to 210 lbs from a plate-loaded weight stack, with a durable adjustable pulley system. Thus, allowing for any direction exercise flexibility.

It comes preloaded with two handles included making your cable workouts easier and comfortable. This makes it ideal for set-ups in small home gyms or smaller spaces, due to its limited footprint.

On the other hand, the Cable Tower with a Functional Trainer has greater versatility than ever before built into one machine. Hence, it provides 17 attachment options as well as interchangeable parts so that you can fully customize your workout routine depending on what area or muscle group you’re targeting.

Optional attachments

The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower offers numerous optional attachments for a wide range of exercises targeting different muscle groups. It features training arms, tricep ropes, curl bars, ankle straps, and an abdominal strap for effective core work. The tower also has built-in hook points for easy attachment of additional equipment. Thus, allowing users to customize their home gym experience without compromising safety or space.

Dimensions, weight capacity, and footprint

The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower is an excellent addition to any home gym setup. Its compact yet robust design allows for a versatile range of workouts without overwhelming your space. The key specifications of this high-quality cable tower are:

FootprintApproximately 2.5 by 2.5 feet
Tower Tubing Dimensions2.3″ by 2.3″ (60mm by 60mm)
Loadable Sleeves Length8.25″
Lat Pulldown Bar Length47.6 inches
Lat Pulldown Bar WeightApproximately 11.7 pounds
Lat Pulldown Bar Diameter25mm
Weight CapacityDependent on the weight of the plates used
PriceUnder $400

These specifications highlight the compact footprint, durability, and excellent value for money provided by the Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower. This is undoubtedly a home gym equipment that can accommodate a broad spectrum of workouts while optimizing limited space.

User Reviews and Experience with the Bells of Steel Cable Tower

Hear what others have to say about their experience with the Plate Loaded Cable Tower – read on for more details!

Positive feedback on durability, versatility, and variety in workouts

The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower has been praised for its durability and stability, as well as its versatility. Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the tower is built to last even in the toughest home gym settings.

Users have also expressed satisfaction with cable quality; cords don’t bunch up or get tangled when used instead they move smoothly across adjustable pulleys for the preferred range of motion.

With a variety of weight stack selections and optional attachments such as their belt squat machine 2.0 with a belt and various resistance bands, users can enjoy an endless selection of exercises including Lat Pulldowns, Standing Rows, Cable Crossover fly, Cable Presses and much more! All these features make it easy to diversify your workout routine in multiple ways so that you always get the most out of your equipment.

Comparison to other cable towers and machines

The Bells of Steel Cable Tower holds a distinguished place among home gym equipment, offering unique benefits and advantages compared to other cable towers and machines. Let’s take a look at how it stacks up:

FeaturesBells of Steel Cable TowerOther Cable Towers and Machines
DurabilityKnown for its robust construction and innovative design, ensuring long-lasting performance.May have variable durability depending on the brand and model.
VersatilityOffers hundreds of potential exercises due to its plate-loaded system and optional attachments.The range of exercises may be limited depending on the machine’s capabilities.
Variety in WorkoutsEnables varied workout routines by targeting different muscle groups.Some may only allow certain types of movements, limiting variety.
Space EfficiencyCompact and space-efficient, specifically designed for home gym use.May take up more space which can be a disadvantage for home gyms.
AffordabilityComes at a competitive price point, offering exceptional value for money.Prices can vary significantly, with some models being quite expensive.

As seen in the table above, the Bells of Steel Cable Tower stands out for its durability, versatility, space efficiency, and affordability, making it a top choice for home gym enthusiasts.

Tips for Using the Bells of Steel Cable Tower for Optimal Results

Get the best out of your workouts with our tips and exercises to help you optimize your form, target specific muscle groups, and integrate this machine into your routine for maximum results.

Proper form for exercises

Using the correct form while exercising is paramount for maximum benefits and to avoid injury, especially when working with machines such as the Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower.

Poor technique can result in loss of power and strength, weak muscle development, and extra strain on joints as well as increased risk of injuries.

Having proper form means having an upright posture when standing up straight or sitting down on a bench or floor mat during exercises that involve movements such as squats. This includes keeping your shoulders drawn back and your core engaged throughout each movement.

You should also be paying attention to limb alignment − keeping arms slightly bent by elbows, legs slightly bent at knees, etc., depending on which exercise you’re performing.

During pull-based exercises such as rows, bicep curls, etc., controlling repetitions with slow-controlled movements helps achieve the best results regarding muscle engagement; instead of leaving it too easy for yourself by swinging up the body weight through momentum rather than utilizing muscles correctly.

Recommended exercises for different muscle groups


  • Cable Cross Over
  • Cable Flyes
  • Seated Cable Chest Press
  • Lat Pulldown on a Cable Machine
  • Seated Row or Standing Row on a Cable Machine
  • Single – Arm Bent Over Rows with a Cable Machine


  • Cable Curls for Biceps


  • Tricep Pushdowns on a Cable Machine for Triceps

Leg and Core

  • Lateral Raises using a Cable Machine
  • Front Raises using a Cable Machine
  • Split Squats on a cable machine lateral lunge variation
  • Romanian Deadlifts use Cables on each side for balanced stabilization through the legs and core.
  • Calf raises with a single cable crunch

Core Muscles and Hip Flexors

  • Ab Crunches use Cables to challenge the core muscles more than crunches done without cables.
  • Oblique Twists on Cables help you work your external obliques as well as your hip flexors while being able to maintain your balance.
  • Woodchoppers work multiple different muscle groups at once helping you target your core to the fullest.

Incorporating the cable tower into your existing workout routine

  • The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower provides optimal results when incorporated into your existing workout routine. With adjustable pulley height and a weight stack of up to 210 lbs, you can customize the intensity level for each exercise and target different muscle groups with ease.
  • You can use the cable tower to conveniently perform hundreds of exercises, from traditional isolation movements such as lat pull-downs, standing rows and tricep extensions, to more dynamic compound exercises like squats or hip thrusts with optional attachments.
  • It has also been proven that incorporating resistance training into an aerobic routine enhances cardiovascular fitness levels which further improves overall performance in other activities. Plus, due to its small footprint size and easy assembly process, this equipment fits perfectly with limited home gym spaces without taking too much time or effort.
  • Therefore integrating a cable tower like the Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower into your current workout routine is one great way for you to reach new heights in terms of physical health and performance gains– all without leaving the comfort (and safety) of your own home!

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower provides a valuable source of resistance training. It also gives an excellent range of exercises for home gym owners, offering durability, versatility, and functionality at an affordable price.

Overall Assessment of the Bells of Steel Cable Tower

The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower is an ideal choice for home gym owners who are seeking a versatile and affordable piece of equipment. With its heavy-duty tubing construction, this cable tower provides loadable sleeves that enable hundreds of exercises with minimal space occupation.

Its user-friendly design makes installation easy and safe. Furthermore, users have praised the durable performance as well as the variety of workout routines enabled by the different attachments available to add to their tower.

From professional athletes to beginners on a fitness journey, everyone has found great value in adding this machine to their homes. Highlighting how anyone looking for an upgrade or addition to their home gym setup should seriously consider this cable tower from Bells of Steel!

Who would benefit from this equipment?

The Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced athletes to build up strength and improve their fitness. This machine offers a versatile range of exercises that can be adjusted in difficulty level to cater to different experience levels.

Beginners will find the cable tower easy to use. There are many basic options like lat pulldowns, standing rows, and cable curls available for them to start off. Advanced users have hundreds of more complex workouts at their disposal. This includes the single-arm mode variations which allow for targeted muscle training or advanced compound movements requiring multiple joints. For instance, a cable leg presses or hack squats.

Home gym owners who are limited in space will appreciate that this equipment takes up very little room. Much less than most machines, so it’s perfect even for small home gyms!

Thoughts and Recommendations for Home Gym Owners

For home gym owners who are short on space but want to add variety and resistance training to their routines, the Bells of Steel Plate Loaded Cable Tower is a great option. This cable machine features an innovative design and construction for durable performance as well as easy assembly and installation.

It has optional attachments for added exercise possibilities, with different models available according to weight stack or functional trainer needs. Users have reported positive feedback regarding its durability, versatility, and range of possible exercises. These include lat pulldowns, upright rows, curls & press variations, leg extensions & curls, hip thrusts & glute bridges among others. All of which can make your home gym workouts more engaging and effective than ever before.

So if you’re looking for increased muscle gains without overloading your budget or occupying too much floor space at home, the Ball of Steel plate-loaded cable tower could be just what you need!


1. What are the benefits of using a steel cable home gym workout?

A steel cable home gym workout provides a range of different exercises that can be completed with just one machine. It combines resistance and strength training for improved stability, coordination, flexibility and balance.

2. Are there any advantages to using this type of equipment overweights?

A steel cable home gym offers variable resistance, reducing static tension, improving stability, and reducing injury risk compared to traditional weight lifting.

3. What types of exercises can be done with a Steel Cable Home Gym workout?

Full-body workouts like cable squats, hip thrusters, lunges, leg curls, and cable kicks-backs are available to suit individual fitness goals and abilities.

4. Does this type of equipment require additional tools or accessories?

Yes. You will need other pieces such as ropes pulleys, handles, or ankle straps so you’re able to perform various exercise actions properly. Therefore, ensuring correct technique while safely engaging targeted muscles.

5. How safe are these types of workouts compared to free weights?

Steel Cable Home Gym workout machines use controlled motions that allow users to maintain proper posture throughout their workout. Thus, minimizing strain on joints and making them safer when it comes to alternative forms including weightlifting.

6. What kind of results could I expect from regular Steel Cable Home Gym Workouts?

Expect increased muscle strength, improved cardiovascular endurance & hydrogenation aiding metabolism rate promoting fat burning resulting in greater performance gains overall.

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