14 Curly Hair Accessories That Won’t Disappoint


Does it feel like your mane is becoming more unmanageable with each passing day? Explore the world of curly hair accessories to rein in those wild locks with style and ease.

If so, you’re not alone; nearly 65% of the United States’ population has curly hair. This statistic means you’re in good company when it comes to wrestling tough tresses!

A trendy woman showcasing her hair accessories, perfect for fashion enthusiasts.
Elevate your style with the latest hair trends and curly hair accessories.

While there are many tricks and tools out there to have the best-looking hair on the block, some products won’t cut it when it comes to curly hair. Not to worry, though, below are some of the best curly hair accessories to help put you at ease while getting ready for your next adventure!

1.   High-Quality Shampoo: Elevating Your Haircare Experience

The shampoo you use sets the foundation for the rest of your hair routine. Your shampoo should gently cleanse your hair while prepping it for the styling you’ll do later.

To treat your curls right, use a mild sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates damage your hair and fray your ends, leaving your hair looking frizzy instead of sleek and beautiful!

Image featuring a variety of high-quality shampoos tailored specifically for curly hair, perfect for those seeking the best care for their curls.
Embrace your curls with confidence – our selection of high-quality shampoos is curated for curly hair perfection.

Investing in high-quality hair care products can make all the difference in managing your hair. Look for shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that are specifically tailored to your hair type, and you’ll be amazed at the difference they can make. So don’t let your uncontrollable mane get you down – with a little help from some quality hair care products, you’ll be able to take on the day with confidence, no matter how your hair decides to be!

2.   Co-Wash Cream – a luxuriously creamy hair treatment

Co-wash is short for “conditioner-only washing.” This means that if you want to nourish your hair, even more, you can skip the shampoo altogether! Using a co-wash also means that you will avoid any harsh chemicals that could be hiding in your shampoo.

A captivating woman gracefully applying curly hair creams, ideal for showcasing the use of our hair care products for curly hair.
Elevate your curly hair game with our premium hair care products.

Girls with thick curly hair may favor using a co-wash because it targets deep into the hair, rejuvenating from the roots to the tip! When your hair is healthy and moisturized, it will have more elasticity and stay strong throughout the day.

3.   A Wet Brush

Using a wet brush can be life-changing for people with curly hair! Before, hairbrushes pulled on hair, destroying curls, and even breaking when encountering a tough knot.

Woman gently brushing her hair with a Wet Brush, highlighting the ease and effectiveness of this hair care tool for a polished appearance.
Embrace hassle-free hair care with the Wet Brush for a salon-worthy look.

Wet brushes are designed to use in the shower while you’re conditioning or after you’ve washed your hair. Using the brush while your hair is wet reduces the risk of matted, harsh tangles and makes styling easier when you dry your hair!

4.   A Microfiber Hair Wrap

A key, but often over-looked curly hair accessories are a microfiber hair wrap. Choosing a microfiber towel instead of a cotton towel is essential because the microfibers allow your hair to dry faster. When your hair dries faster, you don’t have to waste time or energy to get it in tip-top shape before styling.

Showcasing a high-quality microfiber hair wrap, perfect for quick and gentle hair drying while minimizing damage, a must-have addition to your hair care collection.
Elevate your hair drying routine with our premium microfiber hair wrap.

Staying away from heat is also a good idea for curly hair. When you lose less heat, you cut down on potential breaking and damage.

Plus, when using a microfiber wrap, you can brush your hair, put it in the towel, and go! You don’t have to worry about finding the time to blow your hair dry and you can continue getting ready without worrying about your hair falling down.

5.   A Shower Cap

Let’s face it: some days, you don’t want to wash your hair. When it comes to types of curly hair accessories, a shower cap can be your best friend.

A woman confidently using a chic shower cap, demonstrating the perfect blend of style and hair protection for a delightful shower experience.
Elevate your shower experience with our fashionable and functional shower caps.

Curly hair needs protection and sometimes that means letting it rest a few days between washes and products. Using a shower cap ensures that your strands stay dry and secure while you lather up after a workout or a long day. Taking care of your hair is time-consuming and a shower cap will save you a few steps in your routine!

6.   Hair ties with a spiral design

Spiral, corded, or telephone hair ties are a nod to old-school phone cords and they keep your hair healthy! When using a traditional hair elastic, you must wrap it around your locks several times, risking a headache or scalp pain.

Spiral design hair ties, combining fashion and functionality to give your hair a chic and secure hold, a must-have for any stylish hairdo.
Elevate your hairstyle game with our trendy spiral design hair ties.

Using these hair ties is an excellent alternative due to its dynamic design that holds hair in place for hours. They are great accessories for thick curly hair. Since the coils lock your hair in place, you don’t need as much tension in the hairband to get hair to stay in place.

7.   A Big Hair Clip

While there are many types of curly hair accessories, the hair clip is perfect in any situation!

A woman gracefully using a large hair clip, showcasing the ease and style it brings to securing hair, a versatile accessory for any hair type and style.
Elevate your hair game with our fashionable and functional oversized hair clip.

Using a hair clip keeps your hair out of your face when working, or can offer a flirty up-do for a night out. Unlike hair ties, clips have zero potential to break or damage your hair. When you use a clip, you’re putting little pressure on your strands, keeping your hair strong!

8.   A Luxurious Silk Hair Scarf

Hair scarves are another favorite curly hair accessory because they keep hair out of your face but also look stylish!

Wearing hair scarves is a good way to tame fly-away hairs when you’re in a rush or to smooth your hair down on a windy day. There are also several ways to tie a hair scarf so you can mix it up each day to see which look fits your style!

Woman demonstrating how to style a luxurious silk hair scarf for a sophisticated and elegant look.
Elevate your style with the timeless beauty of a luxurious silk hair scarf. Follow along as our expert demonstrates the art of scarf styling.

When you’re looking for a good scarf, be sure to pick a silky fabric. The softness of the smooth fabric will protect your hair. If you pick a different fabric, you risk making your hair more frizzy by roughing up your strands.

9.   A hair curling iron

Sometimes, your hair does not cooperate the way you wish it would. Using a curling iron will help you out on days when your hair feels dry!

Stunning woman showcasing her expertise in hair curling, adding an element of grace and sophistication to her appearance.
Embrace the art of hairstyling with this captivating image of a beautiful woman effortlessly curling her hair.

You can use a small curling iron to touch up pieces that want to fly away or use a larger barrel to give your curls a more uniform look.

10.   Curly Hair Accessories You’ll Adore

There are tons of curly hair accessories you could choose from, but you know which ones work best for your hair! Whether you love bobby pins for a fun industrial look or bandanas for a natural vibe, your hair looks best when you are confident.

Featuring a curly-haired woman embracing her love for bobby pins, showcasing how these versatile accessories enhance her hair's natural beauty and style.
Discover the curly hair revolution and the love affair with bobby pins in this captivating image.

11.   Regularly Use Heat Protectant Product

Whenever using heat styling tools, always apply a protectant spray before use to minimize damage.

Highlighting the use of a heat protectant product as a crucial step in hair care, safeguarding hair from heat damage during styling.
Prioritize your hair’s health and beauty by incorporating a heat protectant product into your styling routine.

Incorporating a heat protectant product into your daily hair management routine can make all the difference. Whenever you’re using heat styling tools, be sure to apply a protectant spray beforehand to minimize any damage. Not only will this help keep your locks looking healthy and shiny, but it will also make them more manageable in the long run. So next time you’re getting ready to style your hair, don’t forget to protect it first!

12.   Use Natural Oils or Hair Masks

Natural oils such as argan oil can be applied before shampooing or conditioner to help nourish and hydrate the hair while deep conditioning masks can help restore moisture and shine

Image featuring a glass jar containing a rich and nourishing organic hair mask, highlighting its natural ingredients and luxurious presentation for deep hydration and hair revitalization.
Elevate your hair care routine with our luxurious organic hair mask, elegantly housed in a glass jar.

If you’re like me, then you’re probably tired of the daily battle with your unruly hair. It seems like no matter what you do, your mane just won’t cooperate. But fear not, my friend, because there are solutions to this frustrating hair struggle. One of my personal favorites is using natural oils or hair masks to help nourish and hydrate my locks. For example, applying argan oil before shampooing or conditioning can do wonders for providing moisture and keeping your hair soft and shiny. And if you’re dealing with extremely dry or damaged hair, a deep conditioning mask can help restore your hair’s health and vitality. So take a deep breath, and remember that you’re not alone in your daily hair management woes. Natural oils and hair masks might just be the solution you’ve been searching for.

13.   Avoid Over-styling Your Hair

Too much heat or product can cause damage and breakage so it’s best to keep it minimal for healthier hair in the long run

A woman experiencing the negative effects of overstyling her hair, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach to hair care and embracing natural beauty.
A stark reminder of the perils of overstyling – prioritize hair health and embrace natural beauty.


It can seem like your mane is growing more and more uncontrollable by the day, but fear not! There are plenty of hair struggle solutions out there to help ease your daily hair management process. One key tip to keep in mind is to avoid over-styling your hair. Too much heat or product can cause damage and breakage, which is the last thing we want. So, let’s keep our styling minimal to promote healthier hair in the long run. Here’s to bouncy, lustrous locks!

14.   Curly Hair Is Beautiful Hair

Whether you’ve loved your curly hair for a long time or are looking for ways to shake up your routine, these curly hair accessories are a good place to begin!

A confident woman proudly displaying her curly hair, conveying the message that natural curls are beautiful and captivating.
Confidence and beauty radiate through natural curls – a testament that curly hair is truly exquisite.

Do research on which products work best for you. Be sure to try out several different products, styles, and curly hair accessories to see which ones fit your lifestyle!

Check-in often to see what deals you can find to make sure you don’t miss a beat when it comes to new hair trends and the best curly hair accessories!

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