6 Unique Halloween Presents For Kids: Treats Without Tricks


As parents, we know it can be tough to find something unique and out-of-the-ordinary this Halloween. Traditional treats are great but let’s face it: candy overload is real! That’s why we’ve put together a list of 6 unique Halloween Gifts for Kids that won’t disappoint.

These non-candy alternatives are sure to brighten up the holiday and make celebrating safe and spooktacular this year. Get ready – these fun presents are coming your way!

Key Takeaways

  • Non-candy Halloween treats like stretchy toys, crayons, mini puzzles, lip balm and silly straws can provide a safe and fun alternative for kids this spooky season.
  • Light-up accessories such as LED rings, glow bracelets and glow critters add extra whimsy to children’s celebrations without requiring any added sugar.
  • Novelty items like slimes, hair scrunchies with bats or pumpkins plus magnets in the shape of jack-o’-lanterns offer unique presents that kids are sure to love.
  • Temporary tattoos disguised as spiders and book marks featuring Frankenstein monsters will make creative Halloween gifts that still get kids in the spirit of Halloween!

1. Non-Candy Halloween Treats for Kids

Youngsters delighting in Halloween costumes, spreading cheer and laughter at a lively Halloween celebration. Explore thoughtful Halloween gifts for kids to add an extra touch of joy to their festive experience.
Dressed in spooky-chic attire, these little revelers are the life of the Halloween party! 🎃👻 Join the fun and let the magic of the season unfold!

Kids will love receiving one of these creative, non-candy treats–including stretchy toys, crayons and mini puzzles.

  • Stretchy Toys

Captivating image of an adorable girl lost in the world of toys, radiating pure happiness and curiosity.
Watch in awe as this little one’s imagination takes flight! 🌈✨ Every toy is a treasure, and every smile tells a story. #ChildhoodJoy

Stretchy toys are one of the most popular non-candy Halloween treats for kids. They’re safe and fun, providing hours of entertainment that can last beyond the Halloween season. These Halloween gift toys are made from a soft, rubbery material which allows them to be easily stretched and squeezed in all sorts of ways.

Stretchy Halloween gift toys are durable, fun, and an exciting alternative to sugary sweets, providing a special treat for children without added sugar or cavities.

  • Crayons

A captivating display of crayons in a spectrum of colors, inviting artistic exploration and creativity. Explore Halloween gifts for kids that inspire artistic expression and imaginative play.
Color your world with endless possibilities! 🌈✏️ Embrace the hues and let your imagination run wild. Which shade inspires you today?

Crayons are a popular non-candy Halloween treat, recommended in articles as an excellent alternative to candy, and even included in Crayola’s “Halloweentastic” treats collection.

In addition, versatility is a big YES – candy bags for Halloween allow kids to be creative, adults can control candy intake, and crayons make great handouts without age restrictions.

  • Mini Puzzles

Enthusiastic group of kids collaborating and solving mini puzzles, showcasing teamwork and cognitive skills in action.
Small puzzles, big minds! 🧩👫 Join the excitement as these young thinkers come together to unravel challenges. #TeamworkWins

Mini puzzles have become popular Halloween gifts for kids. Mini puzzle sets come with various interesting characters and themes that are often associated with the holiday, making them an appealing treat option to hand out to trick-or-treaters.

Furthermore, mini puzzles provide a lot of value as they appeal to children of all ages and can be found in various difficulty levels, allowing everyone from preschoolers to older kids a chance at solving.

From heroes like Superman or Spiderman, festive designs depicting witches or ghosts, or classic images such as pumpkins or skeletons, there’s something for every kid this spooky season.

  • Lip Balm

A cheerful girl with a radiant smile, holding a lip balm, embodying the essence of self-care and confidence. Explore Halloween gifts for kids that promote well-being and playful moments.
A smile that speaks volumes! 😊💄 Embrace the day with confidence and hydrated lips. #LipBalmJoy

Parents recognize the significance of allowing their children to enjoy Halloween without compromising their calorie intake. That’s why lip balm makes such a great non-candy Halloween treat for both children and adults.

Coming in autumn-optimized flavors like caramel and green tea, these little treats are practical (especially with cooler weather during this time of year!) as well as economical; they can even be customized with personalized spooky labels or seasonal scents.

Not to mention, applying them keeps lips hydrated — definitely better than eating too much candy! Lip balm is also something useful most everyone can appreciate any time of the year.

  • Silly Straws

A delightful array of silly straws in various colors, promising a whimsical touch to your beverage enjoyment.
Sip in Style! 🌈🥤 Elevate your drink game with these lively silly straws. Which color sparks your whimsy today?

Looking for a non-candy Halloween treat that’s sure to please even the pickiest of little ones? Look no further than silly straws! These wacky and colorful straws add double the fun to mealtime, as their bright colors are sure to stand out.

Not only do pumpkin-shaped silly straws make kids smile but they also give them something useful: an alternative to traditional candy treats. Whether you’re giving these treats away at Halloween parties or just asking trick-or-treaters “Silly Straw – or No?” on fright night, kids will be excited to add one of these playful accessories to their drinks.

  • Plastic Cups

A captivating scene of a delighted kid sitting in front of an imaginative plastic cup decoration, showcasing the beauty of creativity and wonder. Explore thoughtful Halloween gifts for kids that spark their imagination and bring joy to their celebrations.
Imagination Unleashed! 🌟🥤 Watch as this little one discovers wonder in the artistry of plastic cup decorations. #KidAtHeart

When it comes to Halloween treats for kids, plastic cups are a great alternative to traditional candy. These colorful cups often come adorned with unique and festive patterns such as skeletons which make them aesthetically pleasing and fun for children.

Furthermore, these affordable candy boxes can be filled with snacks like pretzels, candy corn, and popcorn, providing entertainment and sustenance value. Also, they’re ideal for families with food allergies or health issues, offering a unique, safe alternative.

  • Pop Fidget Toys

A colorful array of pop fidget toys, offering a satisfying tactile experience and endless joy in each pop.
Press, Pop, Repeat! 🌈😊 Immerse yourself in the irresistible charm of pop fidget toys. Which one is your go-to stress buster?

Pop Fidget Toys are a great choice for parents who want to give out Halloween treats that don’t involve sugar. Popular among both children and adults, these toys provide tactile stimulation while calming worries and stress.

Pop Fidget Toys, available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, offer creative Halloween gifts for kids, boosting excitement and providing relief from anxiety and boredom during the pandemic.

Furthermore, non-candy treats can still be a fun way to enjoy Trick-or-Treating without causing tooth decay – making them the perfect alternative gift for health-conscious caregivers!

  • Halloween Whoopee Cushions

Entertaining image of Halloween whoopee cushions, promising laughter and mischievous fun for your spooky celebrations. Explore delightful Halloween gifts for kids that add a touch of humor and joy to the festive atmosphere.
Spooktacular Pranks! 👻🎈 Elevate your Halloween fun with these whimsical whoopee cushions. Which one will bring the most laughs at your haunted gathering?

Halloween Whoopee Cushions are a popular non-food treat, listed as one of the 83 candy alternatives for allergies and part of the 50 best non-candy treats, providing relief from traditional sugary sweets.

They’re sure to be the center of attention during this spooky season – proving they really can make any situation funnier than before.

2. Light-Up Halloween Treats

Charming scene of kids outside the house, immersed in the joy of Halloween treats, costumes, and festive delight.
Trick or Treat Magic! 🎃🍬 Witness the excitement as these kids enjoy Halloween treats outdoors. Every smile tells a tale of sweet memories. #HalloweenJoy

Add some spookiness to your Halloween celebration with light-up treats like LED rings, glow bracelets, Halloween Whoopee Cushions, and Glow Critters!

  • LED Rings

Glowing Halloween Spider Web LED Rings, combining spooky elegance and festive illumination for a magical night. Discover enchanting Halloween gifts for kids that add a touch of whimsy and delight to their celebrations.
Twinkle in the Darkness! 🕷️💍 Light up your Halloween with these captivating Spider Web LED Rings. Embrace the night with style!

LED rings are the perfect Halloween treat for kids, without any of the sugar often associated with spooky celebrations! These glowing accessories come in various Halloween-themed designs such as pumpkins, bats, spiders, and pirates.

They’re made of high-quality resin and non-toxic materials so they can be used by even small children with worry-free safety features like smooth edges to protect skin from scratches.

Plus, LED rings, available in an affordable 50-pack with pre-installed batteries, are perfect for Halloween treats and make great goody-bag fillers, eliminating the need for DIY supplies.

  • Glow Bracelets

Captivating image of kids immersed in joy, enjoying the radiant glow of their bracelets, creating a magical and heartwarming scene.
Illuminate the Joy! ✨👧👦 Watch these kids light up with happiness as they enjoy the glow of their bracelets. #GlowingMemories

Glow bracelets are a healthier, safer Halloween treat for kids, providing whimsy, fun, and sparkle while keeping them visible in the dark, making them an excellent choice for Halloween!

An added bonus: glow sticks won’t poison your child if bitten – though you may not want to recommend tasting as a test! A company such as CCINEE offers a kit of 10 Halloween LED bracelets that can add plenty of atmosphere to your big holiday soiree or even dress up any outdoor festivities safely.

With these festive wearable pieces, your little ones will have something spooky to cherish now —and later—long after the last piece of candy gets gobbled up.

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Vampire Teeth

Charming scene of a kid holding a Halloween pumpkin, radiating joy and capturing the essence of festive celebrations. Explore delightful Halloween gifts for kids to make their celebrations even more magical.
Pure Pumpkin Happiness! 🎃😊 Join in the festive cheer as this little one embraces the magic of Halloween with a big grin. #HarvestSmiles

Glow-in-the-Dark Vampire Teeth are an easy way to add an extra zing of frightful fun to any Halloween costume. These spooky teeth are made of soft neon material that emits a haunting glow in the dark! Plus, they’re hinged in the back so it’s simple enough for kids to open and close their mouths, while still having realistic vampire teeth attached.

These 50-piece packs are ideal for large groups celebrating Halloween parties or trick-or-treating, featuring unique style and eerie illumination, adding flair, excitement, and scares.

  • Glow Critters

A captivating image of a boy and a bear in the forest, embodying the spirit of exploration and companionship amidst nature's wonders.
Discovering Together! 🌲👦🐻 Join this young explorer and his bear friend as they embark on a magical journey through the forest. #NatureCompanions

We all know Halloween celebrations are incomplete without delightful treats, and Glow Critters offers a perfect pick for those seeking something unique! These party packs come with assorted mini light stick colors, along with four glow bug designs: spiders, flies, beetles, and roaches.

Kids will love exploring the amazing light patterns they make in the dark — providing an exciting and spooky experience that’s the perfect alternative to traditional candy at Halloween parties or trick-or-treating.

Plus, these light-up toys are non-toxic should a child accidentally ingest one. With Glow Critters around, your little ones can enjoy a safe yet fun time this October 31st.

  • Halloween Glow Stick Hanging Wands

Compelling scene of a group of girls looking at someone or something, expressing shared curiosity and joy in the moment. Discover exciting Halloween gifts for kids to enhance their festive celebrations.
In Awe Together! 😯👭👭 Join the excitement as these girls share a moment of captivation, their eyes filled with curiosity. #SharedWonder

We love the idea of getting creative when it comes to Halloween treats for kids. These JOYIN 24 Pcs Halloween Glow Stick Hanging Wands are a great way to provide fun & unique alternatives to traditional candy while still keeping with the spirit of Halloween and the need for light-up items.

From funny vampire teeth to cute ghost, pumpkin, and skull designs, these glow sticks will be sure to brighten up your child’s day! Plus, they’re individually wrapped which makes them convenient as a grab-and-go treat on spooky nights out.

They’re also durable and nontoxic so you can have peace of mind knowing that your little one is safe using them. Opting for glow stick hanging wands as Halloween treats instead of traditional candy means you don’t have loads of sugar after an evening full of trick-or-treating – perfect!

3. Halloween-Themed Novelties

Charming image of kids in Halloween costumes, happily holding pumpkins, radiating the joy and spirit of the festive season.
Costumes and Pumpkins Galore! 🎃👻👧👦 Dive into the enchantment of Halloween as these kids bring their creativity to life. #FestiveJoy

Kids can enjoy a fun surprise with creepy creature slimes, hair scrunchies, magnets, ghost stamps, plush toys, brightly colored bookmarks, Frankenstein-themed stickers, and spider-themed temporary tattoos.

  • Slime

Captivating image of two girls enjoying vibrant and colorful slime, showcasing the joy and creativity of this sensory play. Explore delightful Halloween gifts for kids to add more fun and excitement to their festivities.
Slime Spectacle! 🌈👭 Dive into a world of hues and textures as these two friends revel in the playful joy of colorful slime. #SensoryFun

Slime is a popular non-candy Halloween treat for kids. It is oozy and stretchy, but still playful and fun – perfect for those looking to provide an alternative to candy on All Hallows’ Eve.

Kids can create Halloween slime using glue, borax, and food coloring. Videos online provide step-by-step instructions for creating spooky slime, which can be used as a sensory STEM activity.

  • Hair Scrunchies

A stunning display of a variety of hair scrunchies, offering stylish options to enhance and personalize your everyday look.
Accessorize with Style! 🌟💁‍♀️ Dive into a sea of options with these chic hair scrunchies. Which one complements your style today?

These festive and practical hair scrunchies are great halloween gifts for kids! They come in a set of 12 colors, from peach to white. The material, chiffon fabric, is soft and comfortable with an elegant and shiny appearance that adds to their charm.

Not only are they beautiful accessories but playing the game ‘Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza’ is extra fun when using these scrunchies as markers! What a simple yet wonderful way to commemorate this spooky holiday season for children — snappy Hair Scrunchies!

  • Magnets

A captivating image of a beautiful girl wearing an enchanting Halloween costume, embodying the charm and fantasy of the festive celebration. Discover delightful Halloween gifts for kids to enhance their joy and create memorable moments.
Elegance in Every Stitch! 🎃👧 Embrace the enchantment as this beautiful girl brings Halloween to life with her captivating costume. #FestiveCharm

Halloween magnets can make a great and unique present for kids this Halloween season! Magnets are fun and spooky and make some cool decorations. They offer endless possibilities in the form of party activities or home decor- making them perfect for sprucing up any Halloween gathering! Plus, if your child has dietary restrictions or preferences, magnets provide an alternative to candy treats with no tricks involved.

For example, you could create your own DIY Halloween magnet crafts by using natural elements found on Earth such as lodestones made from magnetite. So don’t be scared- explore the awesome designs out there in the world of magnetic Halloween gifts for kids and find something creative for your little ones this October.

  • Stamps

Captivating image of a girl engaged in stamping creativity, set against a spooky Halloween background, creating a scene of artistic enchantment.
Stamping the Spirit! 🎃👧✨ Watch as creativity takes center stage against a hauntingly beautiful Halloween backdrop. #ArtisticMagic

Halloween-themed stamps are a great way to get creative and festive during the Halloween season. These self-inking stamps come in plastic form with 25 assorted designs featuring spooky images like Frankenstein, pumpkins, vampire bats, ghosts and witches.

Perfect for school activities, craft classes, festival card decoration or family DIY projects – these “Trick or Treat Stamps” and “Spooky Stamps for Halloween” make it quick and easy for kids to decorate their work for a fun Halloween project.

These Halloween stamps are user-friendly and can be included in treat bags or given out individually as presents, making them an alternative to traditional candy treats.

  • Plush Monster Toys

Charming image of kids sitting on the floor, playing with plush monster toys, evoking a sense of joy, imagination, and playful adventures. Explore delightful Halloween gifts for kids that spark creativity and bring endless smiles.
Monsters of Joy! 🧸👧👦 Dive into the fun as these kids create memories with their adorable plush monster toys. #PlayfulAdventures

These Halloween presents provide a fun, unique, and engaging alternative to traditional treats like candy or chocolate. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors and styles so that you can find the right one for each child.

Plush monster toys provide children with creative outlets to explore their imaginations and monster-themed aesthetics, making them perfect for birthdays or Halloween celebrations.

Moreover, soft toys make great Halloween gifts for kids durable enough for multiple playdates and dress-up days, and can easily transition from bedroom decoration to cuddle pal.

These monsters are perfect for trick-or-treating, as party favors with mini puzzles, lip balm, and silly straws. They can also be included in kids’ Halloween gift baskets.

  • Bookmarks

A heartwarming image of three girls holding bookmarks, embodying the shared enthusiasm for reading and the magic found within the pages of books.
Marking Moments! 📚👧👧👧 Explore the world of stories with these three girls, each holding a bookmark that celebrates the joy of reading. #LiteraryMagic

Bookmarks make for great Halloween gifts for kids and are a perfect idea for Halloween this year. With these themed, scented bookmarks coming in 10 unique varieties from pineapple to chocolate, kids will have plenty of fun finding their favorite scent or style! They feature visually appealing designs that children love while being affordable at just $8 per set.

They provide a safe and enjoyable alternative to traditional candy treats, allowing kids to enjoy the fun wherever they go!

  • Stickers

A captivating display of a variety of Halloween stickers, offering a vibrant and diverse range to add a touch of magic to your festive celebrations. Explore enchanting Halloween gifts for kids that ignite creativity and add whimsy to the season.
Sticker Spectacle! 🎃👻✨ Infuse your Halloween with color and charm using these diverse and festive stickers. Which one bewitches you?

Stickers are a popular non-candy Halloween treat option for kids, providing a lightweight alternative and a reminder of the annual celebration.

Sticker books are a unique and enjoyable gift for children, providing them with a personal collection of Halloween-themed stickers to draw, play, and entertain themselves after trick-or-treating.

If you want more than just individual sheets of stickers, there are also quantities available up to 1,000 pieces — making it easy to give away in large numbers during trick-or-treating events.

  • Temporary Tattoos

A captivating display of a variety of Halloween temporary tattoos, offering a diverse range to elevate your festive look with a touch of spookiness.
Tattoo Tales! 💀🎃✨ Express your Halloween spirit with these diverse and hauntingly beautiful temporary tattoos. Which one will adorn your skin this season?

With everyone prepping for the spookiest day of the year, it’s time to start stocking up on unique Halloween gifts and treats. If you’re looking for an alternative to candy for kids this year, temporary tattoos are a great option! Temporary tattoos provide endless fun and creativity, with plenty of designs available such as vampires, monsters or pumpkins that your kids will love.

They have become very popular amongst teens and tweens thanks to independent illustrators creating unique designs perfect for making a statement at school or Halloween parties. But parents need not worry as they are safe for children and easy to apply – no mess involved! You can include them in goody bags, gift packs or even give out individually as trick-or-treaters around the neighborhood.

4. Fun and Creative Treat Packaging Ideas

A tempting image of a Halloween treat package, brimming with a delightful assortment of spooky and sweet treats to elevate your festive celebrations. Discover irresistible Halloween gifts for kids that promise a ghoulishly good time.
Treats Galore! 🎃🍬✨ Unwrap the magic with our Halloween treat package—where every sweet is a spellbinding delight. #FestiveIndulgence

Get creative and exciting with your treat packages by making mummy sticker rolls, spooky hand treat bags, toilet paper boxes, spider pops, duct tape treatment bags and more!

  • Mummy Decorated Leftover Sticker Rolls

A heartwarming image of a kid holding mummy-decorated leftover sticker rolls, showcasing the joy of crafting and imaginative expression.
Crafty Creativity! 👧🎨✂️ Watch the magic unfold as this little artist turns leftover sticker rolls into charming mummy decorations. #KidCrafts

Mummy-decorated leftover sticker rolls can be a fun and creative way to create spooky-themed treat holders for Halloween. They are cost-effective, easy to make, and add an interesting visual element to your treats.

Mummy-style treat holders, filled with candy or trinkets, add creepiness and sweetness. Personalize them with mummy-decorated leftover sticker rolls for a cost-effective and unique touch!

It’s a simple project that any kid can help out with as well!

  • Spooky Halloween Hand Treat Bags

Captivating image of Spooky Halloween Hand Treat Bags, offering eerie charm and delightful surprises for a festive and haunting celebration. Explore our collection of Halloween gifts for kids, ensuring a magical and memorable experience.
Ghastly Goodies! 👻🤲🍬 Explore the spooktacular world of Halloween with these hand-treat bags, brimming with surprises for a hauntingly delightful celebration. #FestiveThrills

We love the idea of surprising kids with little handmade treats. Spooky Halloween hand treat bags are a great way to customize each gift and make them unique for any recipient. These bags can be fun, colorful, and filled with all kinds of small treasures—from toys or candy to stationery items they will use more than once!

These Halloween-themed treat bags can be personalized with skeletons, ghosts, and black cats, making them perfect for school or party presents. Fill them with small Halloween figurines or pretzel bats for a unique touch.

  • Toilet Paper Treat Boxes

Enchanting scene of kids holding Toilet Paper Treat Boxes, showcasing the creativity and joy of transforming ordinary items into charming containers for Halloween goodies.
Magical Transformations! 🧻👧👦 Watch as these kids turn toilet paper into whimsical treat boxes, adding a touch of charm to their Halloween celebrations. #CreativeMagic

Tissue paper treats containing glow-in-the-dark critters make an adorable addition to any snack table, plus they are perfect as surprises in trick-or-treat bags!

We all know kids love getting treats on Halloween, and these toilet paper treat boxes are the perfect way to make sure everyone has something special to take home. Toilet paper rolls can easily be decorated with Halloween-themed designs (think pumpkins, bats, or ghosts) or personalized with names or spooky messages.

Once they have been filled with candy, small toys, or other fun Halloween-themed trinkets – like temporary tattoos and glow sticks – you’re ready to hand out a truly memorable treat! Plus, this is an affordable option that parents won’t lose sleep over; on top of being cost-effective, they are also much better for our environment than plastic bags.

So let your imagination go wild creating colorful cardboard treats sure to delight any kid at your door this trick-or-treating season!

  • Spider Pops

Tempting image of Halloween cupcakes, showcasing the artistry and spookiness of these delectable treats for a sweet and festive celebration. Explore our Halloween gifts for kids to add a touch of sweetness to their celebrations.
Sweets & Spooks! 🎃🧁✨ Elevate your Halloween with these frightfully delicious cupcakes—a taste of the spooky and the sweet in every bite. #HauntedIndulgence

Spider pops are a simple and fun Halloween treat made from yogurt, fruit snacks, strawberries, or blueberries, and pretzel sticks, perfect for busy families and minimal preparation time.

Not only delicious but nutritious too – fruit snacks and yogurt are nutritious, delicious, and enchanting party decorations for kids. They offer more nutrients than traditional candy and are light and healthy.

So when looking for a quick fix this Halloween try Spider Pops-you won’t be disappointed!

  • Duct Tape Halloween Treat Bags

A captivating image of Halloween treats, showcasing a bewitching assortment of spooky and sweet delights for a festive and indulgent celebration.
Treats Galore! 🎃🍬✨ Indulge in the magic of Halloween with our bewitching assortment of treats. Every bite is a celebration of sweet and spooky joy. #FestiveIndulgence

We all know that Halloween can be a lot of fun for our kids. Whether it’s dressing up in costumes or going trick-or-treating, there are so many opportunities to create special memories with them! One way we can do that is by getting creative with the treats we give them as part of our Halloween celebration.

Duct tape is a great tool that can help us make unique and interesting Halloween gifts for kids this year. Scotch Duct Tape offers bright colors and trendy patterns – perfect for creating one-of-a-kind treat bags to put snacks and little toys in.

Online step-by-step directions and duct tape decoration for paper bags make cute party favors for toddlers to collect candy.

  • DIY Candy Dispensers

Heartwarming scene of girls making DIY Candy Dispensers, showcasing the joy of crafting and the anticipation of sweet surprises for a delightful celebration. Explore our Halloween gifts for kids to add a touch of creativity and sweetness to their festive moments.
Sweet Creations! 🍭👧👧✨ Watch the magic unfold as these girls craft their own candy dispensers—a perfect blend of creativity and sweetness. #DIYDelight

For a fun and unique way to hand out Halloween treats, make DIY candy dispensers! These can be made using materials such as leftover toilet paper rolls, gauze, and googly eyes. Toilet paper rolls wrapped in gauze provide the effect of creating mummy-style treat holders – just add some googly eyes for added spooky effect (and don’t forget the candy!).

For something more ambitious, you can purchase a fish bowl from your nearest thrift store along with some wood or power tools to construct an all-inclusive retrieval system for those goodies.

DIY candy dispensers are customizable, providing kids with unique holders each year, and offering endless creativity, allowing parents to enhance previous projects with new levels or decorations.

  • Pumpkin Favor Pouches for Halloween

A captivating image of pumpkins with candles inside, radiating a warm and elegant glow to add a touch of magic to your seasonal decor.
Candlelit Harvest! 🎃🕯️✨ Embrace the cozy charm of autumn as our pumpkins shine with the elegance of flickering candles. #FallGlow

Are you looking for a spooky, delightful way to present your kids with treats this Halloween? Then why not try making pumpkin favor pouches as part of the festivities! Pumpkin favor pouches are DIY treat bags that can be used as party favors.

These treat bags are sweet and easy to make with basic supplies, such as craft paper, scissors, glue and double-sided tape—allowing them to act both as decoration and container for all their goodies.

Pumpkin surprise treat bags are a fun, spooky craft that involves children in the preparation process. Affordable non-woven bags with cartoon pumpkin designs are available for playtime during trick-or-treating. Surely, these bags bring delight to every bedroom afterward!

  • Ghost Popcorn Bags

A delightful image of kids in Halloween costumes, embodying the creativity and joy that come with dressing up for festive celebrations. Explore our Halloween gifts for kids to add an extra dose of fun and excitement to their celebrations.
Costumed Adventures! 🎃👧👦 Dive into the festive spirit with these kids, each a marvel in their enchanting Halloween costumes. #FestiveMagic

Ghost popcorn bags are the perfect Halloween treat for kids! They’re quick and easy to make using clear snack bags, popcorn, and craft paint to create spooky ghostly decorations. They can be used as party favors or handed out to trick-or-treaters for a fun twist on candy this holiday season.

Create witchy bags filled with popcorn and decorated with craft paint, allowing children to customize facial expressions. This Halloween-friendly activity ensures everyone has sweet treats without allergies or restrictions!

5.   Unique Ways to Hand Out Halloween Treats

Captivating scene of kids playfully exploring a box full of treats, radiating the magic of surprise and the simple pleasures of childhood.
Treats Unleashed! 🎁👧👦 Watch the excitement unfold as these kids play with a box full of treats, each discovery a moment of pure joy. #ChildhoodMagic

Keep your trick-or-treaters entertained with unique, fun surprises like Halloween Squishies, Stuffed Gloves or Mini Pop Fidget Toys.

  • Non-Candy Halloween Treats for Kids

A captivating image of kids in Halloween costumes, surrounded by pumpkins, embodying the magic, creativity, and joy of the festive season. Explore our Halloween gifts for kids to make their celebrations even more special.
Costumed Charm! 🎃👧👦 Embrace the festive magic as these kids, dressed in enchanting Halloween costumes, revel in the charm of pumpkins. #FestiveWonder

It’s that time of year again—Halloween! Candy often comes top of mind when thinking about Halloween treats for kids, but there are plenty of alternative non-candy options that can make just as much of an impact.

Non-candy treats like stretchy toys, crayons, and mini puzzles are popular, while light-up Halloween gifts like LED rings and glow bracelets add magic to the evening.

Halloween presents can be creative with novelty items like slime and hair scrunchies, and packaging options like mummy-decorated rolls and DIY candy dispensers. Safety should be a priority when choosing non-candy treats.

  • Halloween Squishies

Captivating image of a kid holding pumpkins, radiating the joy and simplicity of the harvest season, a scene that captures the charm of autumn.
Harvest Happiness! 🎃👧 Celebrate the season with this little harvester, proudly holding the treasures of autumn. #HarvestJoy

Halloween Squishies are a great alternative to traditional Halloween treats. They make an excellent gift or party favor for kids and can be used as mini stress balls. These squishy, stretchy toys come in all shapes and sizes, and they have different levels of resistance for those needing more intense sensory input.

Squishies are a unique and fun way to celebrate Halloween, engaging kids’ imaginations and making them an affordable gift for budget-conscious parents.

When it comes to choosing a healthy yet complementing treat option with plenty of playful possibilities – look no further than Halloween Squishies!

  • Stuffed Gloves

A playful image featuring a pair of Halloween stuffed gloves, adding a whimsical touch to your wardrobe with a perfect blend of comfort and festive spirit. Explore our Halloween gifts for kids to make their celebrations even more delightful.
Festive Fingers! 🎃🧤 Embrace the Halloween spirit with these spooktacular stuffed gloves—a perfect blend of cozy and creepy for your festive ensemble. #HalloweenMagic

Stuffed gloves are a unique and creative way to distribute Halloween treats, allowing for personalized and festive decorations for both parents and kids.

With some ribbon, a plastic spider ring, or any other relevant decorations, these gloves can be filled with candy or small toys to offer an unexpected treat package that kids will love! In addition, stuffed gloves are perfect for school classrooms due to their latex-free nature – making them safe even though Halloween is supposed to be spooky!

  • Mini Halloween Pop Fidget Toys

Captivating image of a girl in a Halloween costume, lying down and surrounded by Mini Halloween Pop Fidget Toys, evoking the festive spirit and tactile joy of playful companions.
Festive Fun Unleashed! 🎃👧 Dive into the Halloween spirit with this enchanting scene—a girl in costume surrounded by Mini Pop Fidget Toys. #TactileMagic

Mini Halloween Pop Fidget Toys offer non-candy treats in festive colors and styles, providing sensory play for kids to enjoy.

These toys offer a durable, long-lasting alternative to sugar-filled candies in trick-or-treating bags, and can be cleaned with water for easy maintenance. Kids will love playing with these fun pop fidget toys during any holiday party or trick-or-treating occasion!

  • Halloween Rubber Ducks

An enchanting image of a child surrounded by pumpkins in an autumn field, capturing the joy and warmth of the harvest season in all its splendor. This delightful scene adds a touch of magic to your festive celebrations, making it a perfect addition to Halloween gifts for kids.
Pumpkin Paradise! 🎃👦 Bask in the beauty of autumn with this heartwarming scene—a kid surrounded by pumpkins in the golden field. #HarvestMagic

Halloween gifts for kids and treats don’t have to be limited to candy! Rubber ducks make a fun and unique alternative with loads of options – from Halloween-themed designs, sizes, colors, and more.

They’re inexpensive enough that you can buy them in bulk for large events or parties without breaking the bank. You can use them as giveaways for parties or put several out at once in an indoor Duck Hunt game.

The possibilities are endless- anyone who receives one will love it! For instance, pairing a rubber duck with a ghost magnet can add spooky flair to kids’ playroom décor.

  • Pre-Filled Small Plastic Witch Cauldrons

A captivating image of pre-filled small plastic witch cauldrons, offering a glimpse into the spellbinding world of Halloween with enchanting treats and surprises.
Cauldron Conjuring! 🧙‍♀️🍬✨ Explore the spellbinding world of Halloween with these pre-filled small plastic witch cauldrons—packed with enchanting delights. #FestiveMagic

These fun and creative cauldrons are pre-filled to the brim with all sorts of irresistible add-ons, such as fake witch fingers, spider gem rings, stickers, as well as a special Halloween parachute toy! They come in a pack of 24 or 6 pieces respectively – making them compelling party favors and great goodie bag fillers.

Not only that, but kids can also make use of these spooky items to add an extra touch to their costumes. Furthermore, they can be used for arts & crafts activities – like stamping designs onto paper.

All this makes them the perfect gift option during Halloween time – especially since kids don’t get enough sugar from regular candy anyway!

  • Halloween Bookmarks

A delightful image showcasing Halloween bookmarks, each one adorned with spooky charm and whimsical design, adding a touch of Halloween magic to your reading experience. These enchanting bookmarks make for perfect Halloween gifts for kids, combining both fun and functionality.
Bookmarking the Spooks! 📚🎃✨ Elevate your reading with these Halloween bookmarks—each one a charming companion for your literary adventures. #SpookyTales

With Halloween just around the corner, searching for unique tricks and treats can quickly become overwhelming. As an alternative to candy-based treats, why not give kids a spooky surprise they’ll enjoy long after this frightful night? Halloween bookmarks are perfect as mementos or when incorporated into costume competitions and seasonal games.

From silly skeletons to scary vampires, there’s something for everyone!

Bookmarks provide plenty of fun reading time activities such as scavenger hunts or mystery plot discussions. These are versatile decorations for positive reinforcement programs, perfect for party favors, and can be used as special Halloween-themed notes or reward charts.

  • Halloween Scented Pencils

Captivating image of a kid holding Halloween-scented pencils against a spooky background, showcasing the joy and multisensory delight of festive creativity.
Aromatic Adventures! 🎃✏️👦 Explore the world of scented creativity as this kid holds Halloween-scented pencils against a haunting background. #SensoryMagic

A unique and fun alternative to traditional candy treats for Halloween is scented pencils. These are sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face! They come in a variety of creative scents such as watermelon, strawberry, apple, lemon, rose, jasmine, grape, caramel, and much more. Add a delightful twist to your Halloween gifts for kids with these scented pencils, making every writing adventure a fragrant experience.

The fun doesn’t end there; these pencils can be given out as rewards to students or party favors at Halloween parties. Plus you can get even craftier with them by adding decoration materials like googly eyes that will make them look spooky-cute.

For those feeling more adventurous DIY-ers out there – we’ve included an easy guide on how to create your own personalized ‘Halloween Party Favor Pencils’ using just some simple supplies at home!

6.   Considerations for Halloween Treats

A captivating image of kids in Halloween costumes, joyfully holding pumpkins, embodies the magic, creativity, and joy of the festive season. These delightful moments make for perfect Halloween gifts for kids, capturing the essence of the season and bringing joy to their celebrations.
Costumed Charms! 🎃👧👦 Immerse in the festive magic with these kids, each in a delightful Halloween costume, embracing the joy of holding pumpkins. #FestiveHarmony

Most importantly, when selecting Halloween treats, consider factors like allergies, dietary restrictions, child’s age, and safety measures to ensure the most suitable options.

  • Allergies and Restrictions

Captivating scene of a group of people celebrating Halloween with a variety of delicious food, embodying the warmth and joy of festive camaraderie.
Spooktacular Spread! 🎃🍽️✨ Gather ’round as this group celebrates Halloween with a delectable feast, the perfect blend of spooky and savory. #FestiveFeast

When choosing Halloween treats, it’s important to consider allergies and restrictions. Many traditional candies and treats contain the top nine allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, milk, wheat, soy, egg, and fish.

This poses a risk to children with allergies or sensitivities. Fortunately, there are many non-candy alternatives readily available that provide an inclusive way for all kids to have fun on Halloween night such as stretchy toys, crayons, mini puzzles, and lip balm.

Light-up Halloween decorations like LED rings, glow bracelets, and vampire teeth are a great treat without sugar, and Halloween-themed novelty items like slime and hair scrunchies are also enjoyable. There is no need to put any child at risk this Halloween Eve – with careful consideration, you can ensure along with spooky memories everyone has only sweet dreams!

  • Age-Appropriate Treats

A tempting image of Halloween cakes and cupcakes, adorned with delightful decorations, showcases the artistry and sweetness of these treats for a festive and indulgent celebration. These delightful confections make for perfect Halloween gifts for kids, adding a touch of sweetness and joy to their festive celebrations.
Sweets & Spooks! 🎃🍰🧁 Elevate your Halloween with these sweet masterpieces—a symphony of taste and artistry. #HauntedIndulgence

Selecting age-appropriate Halloween treats is crucial for a safer and more enjoyable experience for children participating in trick-or-treating.

It is recommended that younger children receive softer items such as glow sticks, stretchy toys, pencils, crayons, bubbles, bouncy balls, finger puppets, and whistles while older kids may enjoy bookmarks, large erasers or temporary tattoos.

Meanwhile, teens and tweens enjoy pullback cars and handheld games, but if allergies or dietary restrictions exist, opt for non-food-related options like LED rings or slime kits.

  • Safety Measures

A captivating image of a box filled with Halloween treats, elegantly arranged and inviting anticipation, capturing the magic and delight of the festive season.
Spooky Unveiling! 🎃🍬📦 Discover the enchantment within this box of Halloween treats—a perfect blend of sweetness and spookiness. #FestiveDelights

It is important to take certain safety measures during Halloween activities including removing choking hazards like gum, peanuts, hard candy, or small toys from children’s bags to protect themselves and loved ones.

Additionally, check treats for tampering, damage, and improper packaging. Dispose of torn or unsealed items immediately. Further,  avoid expired candies and homemade treats to prevent risks.

Always ensure children wear fire-resistant costumes and accessories for Halloween, as flames from candles can cause harm. Wear protective masks and observe social distancing to reduce contact during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for kids. Lastly, explore these safety measures and make Halloween a joyful and secure experience for your little ones.


A heartwarming image of happy kids holding pumpkins against a whimsical Halloween backdrop, embodies the magic, laughter, and joy of the festive season. These joyful moments make for perfect Halloween gifts for kids, capturing the spirit of the season and adding an extra touch of delight to their celebrations.
Smiles & Pumpkins! 🎃👧👦 Embrace the festive joy with these happy kids holding pumpkins, surrounded by a delightful Halloween backdrop. #FestiveSmiles

Halloween is an exciting time of year, and Halloween presents for kids offer a unique, non-sweet alternative to traditional treats, allowing everyone to appreciate something different this festive season.

From stretchy toys and mini puzzles to glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth and spooky hand-treat bags, these eleven unique Halloween presents for kids offer endless fun possibilities without breaking any rules set by caregivers or compromising any food allergies or dietary restrictions that children may have.

As an added bonus, all of these non-candy items are kid-approved – they were chosen specifically by the children themselves! With creative packaging ideas like mummy-decorated leftover sticker rolls and duct tape treat bags, parents can be sure that their little ones will love receiving these thoughtful Halloween gifts for kids on October 31st.


1. What are some unique Halloween presents for kids?

Some unique Halloween presents for kids include candy, costumes, decorations, crafts, games, and books. Other ideas include movies, music, and party favors such as goodie bags and gift baskets.

DIY projects like masks, hats, and accessories also make great Halloween gifts for kids! Explore a variety of options to make this Halloween memorable for the little ones in your life.

2. Where can I find a variety of Halloween gifts to give to kids?

Shop online or local for Halloween treats and DIY projects for kids of all ages, creating unique and personalized gifts for the spookiest season!

3. How do I choose teaching tools themed around Halloween?

Halloween gifts for kids can be educational resources like books, board games, and films that stimulate language skills, imagination, and creativity. These thoughtful gifts bring joy and contribute to the celebrations.

4. Are there any fun themes dedicated to holding events on Halloween?

Yes, there are plenty of exciting Halloween party themes for kids! From Pumpkin King crowns to Monster High glamour, consider Haunted House parties complete with zombie props and costume catwalk competitions. Create an enchanting Halloween party with imaginative elements, providing interactive experiences and refreshments. These imaginative party themes are perfect for kids, making them memorable and excellent Halloween gifts.

5. What kind of decoration is suitable for Halloween?

Create outdoor carnival-inspired Halloween settings featuring classic Halloween elements like skeletons, pumpkins, graveyards, and bonfires to bring autumnal vibes to your celebrations. Indoors, a mix of haunting decors, including cobweb tablecloths and vibrant artwork, sparks imaginations. This ensures that the upcoming holiday won’t go uncelebrated without throwing a decorative feast, even amidst unsettling surroundings. These atmospheric and creative elements make for fantastic Halloween gifts for kids, turning the celebration into an unforgettable experience.

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