Countdown To Christmas: Advent Calendar Ideas And Products

An image portraying a festive pet Advent calendar filled with treats, surrounded by holiday decorations, symbolizing the joy and magic of the holiday season for your beloved furry companion.
Counting down to joy! 🎁 Explore our festive pet Advent calendar, a holiday delight surrounded by festive magic. Make this season unforgettable for your pet. #PetAdventCalendar #HolidayDelights #FestiveMagic

Are you struggling to find the perfect Advent Calendar for this Christmas Season? The tradition of Advent Calendars dates back hundreds of years. Thus, this blog post will help you come up with creative ideas and products related to the countdown to Christmas. This includes homemade advent calendars, premade advent calendars, fillers for your calendar, and even easier ways to celebrate the season! Therefore, whether you are looking for a unique Advent calendar or trying to make one yourself, we have something here for everyone so let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Advent Calendars have been around for centuries and traditionally mark the days leading up to Christmas Day.
  • There are a variety of types of Advent Calendars available, from wine calendars to personalized wooden boxes to beauty product calendars.
  • Creative Advent calendar fillers come in many forms, such as edible treats, gift items for kids and adults, craft supplies, family-friendly activities and DIY projects.
  • From homemade versions with unique designs to pre-made ones filled with inspiring cards or luxury products; there is an advent calendar style suitable for everyone this holiday season!

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The Advent Season

An image depicting a family decorating a Christmas tree in a cozy living room, radiating warmth and joy, symbolizing the beauty of the Advent season and the cherished moments created with loved ones.
Decorating dreams come to life! 🎄 Join this family in adorning their Christmas tree with warmth and joy. Share the spirit of the season with your loved ones. #ChristmasDecorations #FestiveJoy #FamilyTraditions

Truly, a time of festive anticipation, Advent carries with it a mix of traditional and modern activities to build excitement for Christmas Day.

How do people celebrate Advent?

Basically, the Advent season is a special time for many families, marking the days of anticipation leading up to Christmas Day on December 25th. Traditionally, Advent begins on the Sunday nearest November 30th – also known as Advent Sunday – and lasts for four weeks until Christmas Eve.

Moreover, Advent, a period of anticipation marked by civic and religious ceremonies, is celebrated with advent calendars, filled with 24 or 25 little windows opened daily from December 1st to Christmas Eve or Day.

Inside each window of Advent calendars often contain treats like candy, cookies, or coins, or gift items. For example, toys and beauty products. Thus, making them popular among retail shoppers and creating unique family-made gifts.

For instance, Advent activities, such as baking desserts and caroling, are popular for family celebrations in December. Meanwhile, Bible cycle verse cards encourage reflection on sacred stories.

What is an Advent Calendar?

An Advent Calendar is a time-honored tradition that marks the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Anciently, the Advent Season has its origins in Christianity and originally began with religious observances such as fasting, prayer and reflection.

However, this led to the development of an advent counting calendar which was adopted widely by 19th century German Lutherans to mark the season.

As a result, Advent calendars today are a popular way for people of all faiths to celebrate Christmas, with retailers offering a variety of products from traditional paper to luxury options.

The History of the Christmas Advent Calendar

The Advent calendar has its roots in a tradition that spans centuries of church history. This tradition originated with German Lutherans in the 19th century, as they attempted to symbolically recreate the anticipation of Jesus’ birth.

In addition, Advent calendars, originally designed for religious purposes, evolved into a fun way to count down to Christmas. Therefore, companies began producing paper versions featuring beloved characters from children’s books and TV shows, hung near fireplaces or kitchen cabinets in festive holiday hues.

Types of Advent Calendars

An image showcasing a young girl surrounded by experiments, fossils, and a microscope as she unfolds a Science-Themed Calendar for Kids, symbolizing the spirit of curiosity and hands-on scientific exploration for young minds.
Curiosity ignited! 🔬 Join this young scientist as she unravels the mysteries of science with a themed calendar, surrounded by experiments and fossils. Encourage a love for learning in your child. #ScienceForKids #CuriousMinds #Hands-OnLearning

Wine Advent Calendars: Perfect for the wine lover in your life, these calendars often feature a full-size bottle of wine behind every paper door.

Ideas for Advent Calendar Fillers

An image depicting a vibrant DIY craft table adorned with art supplies and surrounded by festive holiday decorations, symbolizing the joy and creativity of crafting during the holiday season.
Crafting holiday magic! 🎨 Explore our lively DIY craft table, filled with art supplies and surrounded by festive cheer. Make this holiday season uniquely yours with creative projects. #DIYCrafts #FestiveDecor #HolidayArtistry

From edible goodies to family-friendly activities and DIY projects, get ready for a memorable holiday with creative Advent calendar fillers!

Edible options

  • Homemade candy
  • Delicious sweets
  • Yummy treats like marshmallows, jelly beans, and lollipops
  • Small cakes and cookies
  • Chocolate coins or other chocolates
  • Candy canes
  • Flavored popcorn or nuts
  • Powdered doughnuts or pastries
  • Gummies and jellies in festive shapes

Gift items for kids and adults

  • Toys: stuffed animals, action figures, board games
  • Keepsakes: jewelry, mementos, photos
  • Activity gifts: paint sets, stamps and ink pads
  • Sweet treats: chocolate coins, candy canes
  • DIY gifts and crafts: soap-making kits, origami paper packs
  • For adults: small bottles of alcohol or wine, money (cash or gift cards), lottery tickets

Craft Supplies

  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Charcoal pencils and sticks
  • Pom-poms and other small decorations for seasonal ornament-making
  • Pipe cleaners for modeling animals, snowflakes, or people’s shapes
  • Mini tubs of playdough as a mess-free option to create clay sculptures
  • Coloring books with festive coloring pages

Beauty products

  • For kids: Crayons, lip balms, glittery or fun juices, washable tattoos, craft glues, etc.
  • For teens: Tinted lip balms and lip stains, body washes, face masks and scrubs, thermal hair care products, facial oils and serums, etc.
  • For adults: Bath bombs and salts, perfumes and colognes, body lotions and creams, nail polishes and care kits, eye shadow palettes and mascaras.
  • DIY advent calendar ideas can include beauty products for a creative take on the countdown to Christmas

Family-friendly activities

  1. Movie night – rent a movie or watch one from a streaming service
  2. Donate to the local food bank or shelter
  3. Make Christmas cards for family and friends
  4. Bake Christmas cookies together
  5. Have a hot chocolate bar with festive toppings
  6. Visit nearby attractions like holiday lights, visits with Santa, outdoor ice skating, and more
  7. Take photos with family and friends
  8. Make homemade decorations like snowflakes or stars for the tree
  9. Select gifts for someone in need during the holiday season through organizations like Toys for Tots
  10. Read classic Christmas stories together
  11. Hold an old-fashioned living room campout and eat popcorn, carry out a scavenger hunt within the house, take funny pictures, souvenirs collections, etcetera
  12. Attend a virtual party with other family and friends (let everyone dress up in silly costumes!)
  13. Create an indoor obstacle course complete with jumps for the little ones to practice jumping
  14. Play board games together as a family
  15. Create mason jar snowmen complete with decorative fabric scarves or hats
  16. Finally, spend time volunteering at your local animal shelter

DIY advent calendar ideas

  1. Reindeer Jar Advent Calendar: Fill clear mason jars with treats or trinkets and attach a tag to the lid listing out the day numbers.
  2. Family Activity Advent Calendar: Create an advent calendar featuring family-friendly activities like walks, cookie baking, holiday decorations, board games, and movie nights for the 24 days leading up to Christmas Eve.
  3. Snowman Countdown Tubes: Create snowman countdowns using empty wrapping paper tubes, personalized with ribbon and googly eyes. Then, fill with gifts or place numbered tags around each snowman’s neck.
  4. Christmas Ornament Countdown: Create holiday-themed homework containers by coordinating colors and adding festive decorations. In this sense, it will visually remind children of the days until Christmas Day.
  5. Candy Cane Countdown Chain: The “Candy-Cane” chain craft is a creative and reusable way for children and adults to track time using colorful cutouts resembling candy canes.
  6. Wrapping Paper Tag Minis: Stamping numbers and graphics onto cardboard stock is a cost-effective and festive way to add elegance to tree branches without taking up too much space.
  7. Stockings Drawer Calendars: This DIY drawer design offers a stylish alternative to wall-hung designs, and its 12-24 day draw period makes it popular for hosting Goodie Filling Gatherings.

Resources for Advent Calendar Inspiration

  • Popular and up-and-coming DIY and crafting blogs like A Beautiful Mess, Design Mom, Craftberry Bush, The Crafty Gentlemen Clubhouse and Red Ted Art can provide you with unique and creative ideas for your family’s Advent Calendar.
  • Pinterest is a great source for seasonal recipes, decorative crafts, free printables and even more Advent Calendar ideas.
  • YouTube has an abundance of tutorials on how to make Advent Calendars from scratch, as well as videos of pre-made Advent Calendars that are available to purchase online.
  • Instagram is the place to find inspirational quotes and cozy holiday scenes to get in the spirit of the Season. Look for hashtags like #adventcalendar, #christmascountdown, #the12daysofchristmas, #25daysofchristmas and more!
  • To add up, Etsy is full of shops offering personalized Advent calendars filled with their products! From pet supply stores to jewelry makers – you’re sure to find something special!
  • Also, huge retailers such as Amazon or Target have sections specifically devoted to stocking pre-made advent calendars in all shapes and sizes.

Pre-made Advent Calendars

An image showcasing a beautifully decorated wooden Advent calendar with joyful ornaments, symbolizing the anticipation and joy of counting down to the holiday season.
Every day, a new delight! 🎁 Explore our elegantly decorated wooden Advent calendar, each day filled with joy and wonder. Make this season unforgettable. #AdventCalendar #HolidayDelights #FestiveMagic

From classic wooden ones to themed calendars for kids and adults, explore a wide range of ready-made advent calendars for that perfect Christmas countdown.

For kids

Specifically, Advent calendars are designed for kids to count down to Christmas. Thus, offering both pre-made and DIY options to help families prepare and build anticipation.

For adults

On the other hand, advent calendars also provide a variety of options for adults. For instance, Legos and chocolates offer a variety of unique ideas for creating or purchasing.

Advent Activity and Scripture Cards

An image portraying a joyous family participating in Advent activities around a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, radiating warmth and joy, symbolizing the enchantment of the Advent season and the cherished moments created with loved ones.
Moments that warm the heart! 🌟 Join this joyful family as they celebrate Advent activities around their beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Share the magic of the season with your loved ones. #AdventMagic #FestiveFamily #CherishedMoments

Therefore, bring the spirit of Christmas into your family’s home with activities and scripture cards tailored for each day of Advent.

Activity ideas for the whole family

  • Spend the afternoon decorating Christmas cookies
  • Bake gingerbread houses together
  • Take a family field trip to check out holiday lights
  • Go ice – skating as a family at an outdoor rink
  • Visit Santa, either in person or virtually
  • Watch classic Christmas movies like Home Alone and A Charlie Brown Christmas as a group.
  • Make homemade hot cocoa with marshmallows and mini candy canes.
  • Have each family member pick one night where they would teach everyone else how to make their favorite treat & dessert inside the kitchen.
  • Craft handmade gift bags for older people in your community using fabric scraps or other supplies from around the house
  • Design cards that you could send to veterans near you with messages of gratitude or best wishes
  • Play caroling Bingo by identifying songs played through local radio stations
  • Research charities and participate in fundraisers online
  • Put on home shows for friends and neighbors performing recitations, singing, playing musical instruments and more!

Advent scripture cards for daily reflection

Fortunately, Advent cards offer Christ’s followers a deeper connection to scripture, featuring Bible verses, discussion questions, and daily activities as part of the Christmas countdown. Further, they explore themes like hope, joy, peace, love, giving, and salvation history, allowing personal reflection and family devotion.


An image showcasing a cozy living room decorated for Christmas with a beautiful tree and Advent calendars, symbolizing the festive charm and warmth of the holiday season.
Cozy moments, holiday magic! 🎄 Explore our living room transformed into a Christmas wonderland, complete with a beautiful tree and Advent calendars. Embrace the spirit of the season with your loved ones. #ChristmasDecor #FestiveCharm #CozyHolidays

In conclusion, this article offers various ideas and products for creating personalized Advent calendars filled with treats and activities. Also, it explores DIY options, craft supplies, beauty products, family-friendly activities, and pre-made Advent calendars. Unique finds can be found on popular stores like Amazon or local crafts stores.

Lastly, with so many great suggestions presented here today, you’ll be sure to find just the right mix of goodies for your own homemade Advent Calendar!


1. What is an advent calendar?

Generally, an advent calendar is a festive way to count down the days until Christmas, consisting of a special box or wall hanging with 25 doors/windows opened daily in December.

2. How can I make my own Advent Calendar?

Create a personalized Advent Calendar for family, friends, or classrooms this holiday season by using craft supplies, printing unique art prints, organizing gifts, and filling each slot with edible surprises.

3. What type of items would I put inside an Advent Calendar?

Advent Calendars can be filled with various treats, from nostalgic sweets to trendy toys, depending on the convenience level. Moreover, gifts can range from heartfelt notes to savory snacks and can be arranged on a table or shelf, depending on the budget and decor scheme.

4. Is there any virtual version of the adrenaline-pumping countdown but affordable enough aged pockets?

Yes, millennial tech advancements, discount price tags, and fashion-conscious traditions are transforming the new generation’s lifestyles. Nowadays, they are embracing digital calendars, collectibles, and subscription services to save memories and cherish special moments.

 5. Are there any stores nearby selling specific commercialized same-brand name entities with exceptionally vintage aesthetic designs?

Explore fourteen iconic corporate themes and explore unconventional ways to elevate complexity with customizable items. Visit local stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Etsy for inspiration and tips on styling and getting ready.

 6. Where can I buy themed Advent Calendars curated by expert specialists and recently popular trends amongst community geeks?

Experts have developed a comprehensive strategy to maximize results and reach desired rankings. They have used various platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and Amazon Associates, to promote their products and services. Further, the strategy includes personalized campaigns, comprehensive checklists, and strategic partnerships with brands like Amazon, eBay, and Costco. Also, the strategy includes a focus on customer engagement and loyalty programs.

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